The beauty was going to check what the weather will be tomorrow, but Jin Xi, the most handsome man in the world, called. As soon as he answered, he quickly praised him and apologized for missing his call. Jin Xi asked her if she was in love, or if someone would call at such a late hour, the beauty would be unhappy and look down on her, could it be possible that she could only answer her mother's phone, and there are many others how are you friends. Jin Xi thought that the beauty was in a hurry, and claimed to have known it for a long time. Isn't it that Professor Zhuang, who looks good, but he is worse than him; the beauty has explained that she is irritable, but she is not at all. Jin Xi asked her if she had seen the news sent by Linda. Although the beauty didn't see it, she still had to pretend to see it, and then hurriedly read the news on WeChat. Isn't it a special video blog about the Qixi Festival? Buy 1 get 1 free, I will return a 9-picture on the same day. Jin Xi also praised the work of love and love with both hands, and both hands are hard. As soon as he said that, he received a sweet message, and quickly hung up the phone to return the message.

The beauty thinks that this is a good opportunity to deliver it to your door. Jin Xi is very happy to receive the news from Tiantian. Tiantian can't spend the weekend, she is really a vicious capitalist.

Zhuang Yu was taking pictures for feature records. Lv Jian found that his camera didn't seem to be very good and wanted to lend it to Professor Zhuang, but it was ignored. Zhuang Yu continued to take pictures and told him that the quality of the camera was not important, the important thing was to select the key He also said that Qingshui Mountain is rich in species, and there are many medicinal plants. You can read more if you have nothing to do. After all, he welcomes academic discussions at any time; Lv Jian also kindly helped with the sleeping bag.

The two had just returned, and the beauty was already sitting at the door waiting for Zhuang Yu. When they saw him coming back, they hurried up to care if they were tired, and when they saw Lu Jian went up the mountain together, they called him to have breakfast together, and then hugged Zhuang Yu. The arm is gone. At the dinner table, my parents told everyone that there are many activities in the town these two days, which are very lively. Let the beauty take Zhuang Yu to visit and experience the local folk customs of Qingshui Village. The beauty will definitely take him around, and whispered Zhuang Yu is Tanabata today. Yu Ma also moved out of the traditional customs of Qingshui Village and used colorful ropes to wear buds, but the beauty had never even heard of this custom, and she didn't know what she was doing. Her next plan.

Jin Xi was doing hairstyles and trying clothes again, and Tiantian arrived shortly after, and was about to meet, when he suddenly thought that he should sit in a wheelchair, and tripped in a hurry, just for Tiantian to see, She also told Jin Xi that she would not fall in the future, and Jin Xi was instantly moved.

Zhuang Yu also agreed to go to the town with the beauty. The beauty thought she had conquered Zhuang Yu, but he thought that the beauty was going to the town to send birds, but the birds agreed to go, and the beauty was a little disappointed and a little embarrassed. Jin Xi took Tiantian to pick a gift, and Tiantian in a red dress stunned Jin Xi.

On the way, the beauty told Zhuang Yu that she had taken on a task to shoot a video blog about the Qixi Festival, but she lacked a cameraman and wanted Zhuang Yu to help. As a result, before he could speak, Lu Jian filmed it and told him Yes, the beauty likes his shots very much. Professor Zhuang is a little jealous on the side. The beauty will come when she opens her mouth now. However, Zhuang Yu later agreed to Xiaomei's photo shoot. The two just walked and filmed and played while filming. However, although Zhuang Yu had a very clear and thorough research on plants, he was not very good at this video, and the beauty saw the video. They were all stunned and barely patted their faces. In the evening, Zhuang Yu and the beauty also met Damei and Lu Jian in the town. Lu Jian also packed the flower boat, but Xiaomei still took Zhuang Yu to the god tree. There are many wishes hanging on the god tree. It also allowed Zhuang Yu to see something different about Xiaomei.


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