Tian Shouchun asked Long Donghua to give the man two barrels of wine and sent him away. Tian Shouchun couldn't wait to ask Tian Hui about the changes to the land acquisition, only to know that Ma Changshun had taken the initiative to give up his land.

Tian Shouchun knew that Ma Changshun was for Tian Hui, and he personally came to account for him. Ma Changshun's excuse was just wanting to repay the loan. Tian Shouchun felt that he had become discerning and warned him not to take Tian Hui's idea. Ma Changshun bought two buckets of milk powder and snacks from the supermarket and asked Bai Bailing to hand it over to Tian Hui. Tian Hui was embarrassed to accept his things again. Bai Bailing persuaded Tian Hui not to live up to Ma Changshun's infatuation.

As Ma Changshun took the initiative to sign the land acquisition contract, the villagers responded. The remaining 19 households quickly signed the land acquisition contract. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou were very happy. They finally successfully completed the task. Sha Ou reminded Pu Quansheng that he should treat Ma Changshang. Shun’s marriage is a snack. Tian Hui took the initiative to help Ma Changshun harvest rice, and Ma Changshun persuaded her to avoid suspicion and not be discussed by the villagers. Tian Hui didn't care at all.

This year’s rice harvest is great. On the day when every family eats new rice, Tian Jiawang set off firecrackers to celebrate. Bai Bailing made a large table of dishes specially. They both ate the newly harvested rice. Don’t mention how happy they were. Tian Jiawang is looking forward to having a child. . Pu Quansheng specially prepared wild vegetables and took the sand gulls to the top of the mountain to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The gongs and drums under the mountain were noisy, and the sand gulls recognized at a glance that the leader was Xiang Ximei. They used drums to bid farewell to the land that was about to be requisitioned. Sand gulls took this unforgettable scene. .

That night, Ma Changshun prepared new rice and wine and vegetables to pay homage to his parents, grandfather and grandma at the grave. This was the last time he invited his deceased relatives to eat new rice. Ma Changshun was full of emotions, but he did not regret what he did. Everything is for the beloved Tian Hui. Ma Changshun used to drink to suppress the miss for his relatives, and finally broke the jar. It was Tian Hui who made him wake up and embarked on the road to wealth. Ma Changshun decided tonight. As for the relatives who passed away, Tian Hui saw this scene from a distance, and tears filled his eyes with emotion.

In a blink of an eye, the tunnel project in Wanmixi Village was opened soon, and an agricultural machinery cooperative was about to be established in the village. Sha Ou personally invited Xiang Denggao to be the chairman of the board. Xiang Denggao politely declined. He wanted to make more money. The boss of the engineering company Du came to Xiang Denggao and asked him to change the construction line without authorization. Sha Ou argued for Xiang Denggao and advised him not to change the construction line without authorization. He was reprimanded by the boss, Du patted his chest and assured him that it was all right.

Sand Gull just wanted to leave when he heard a loud noise. When he turned around, he found that Xiang Denggao had cut off the gas pipe. Xiang Denggao was frightened. Sand Gull hurriedly got out of the car to save Xiang Deng Gao. The explosion sounded one after another, and the two of them were buried in the sand. the following. Afterwards, Xiang Denggao was arrested by the police. Boss Du turned his face and refused to allow Xiang Denggao to change the construction line. The others were too far away to hear the conversation between Boss Du and Xiang Denggao. Sha Ou wanted to testify for Xiang Denggao, but There is no conclusive evidence.

Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou came to consult with a lawyer, and the lawyer was helpless because there was no direct evidence to prove that boss Du asked Xiang Denggao to change the route. Sha Ou was not reconciled. She suddenly saw the driving recorder on her car, and immediately took it down for confirmation. Xiang Denggao and Du The boss was very far away from the car, and the sound recorded by the recorder was very unclear. Pu Quansheng took the video to the public security bureau appraisal expert and confirmed with his lips that boss Du let Xiang Denggao modify the construction line.

Xiang Denggao was acquitted, and Xiang Ximei and Shi Yaojin came to pick him up, but Xiang Denggao was unhappy. He was facing a huge compensation of 800,000 yuan. Although Sha Ou and Pu Quansheng went all the way, Mr. Du bore most of the compensation. Climbing to a higher level also has to bear 320,000, and Xiang Ximei gave 50,000 yuan to Xiang Denggao, and he politely declined.

Xiang Youliang borrowed money from various places in the village. The villagers found various excuses to shirk their excuses. He bumped into the wall everywhere. Tian Shouchun sold the coffin for more than 4,000 yuan to Xiang Youliang. Xiang Youliang was grateful to him. Pu Quansheng and Sha Ou came to Xiang’s home, and Xiang Denggao and Xiang Youliang were at a loss. They were helpless. Sha Ou complained that Xiang Denggao was usually too selfish and always likes to make small calculations, so the villagers refused to lend him money. Xiang Denggao was also afraid of poverty. , Do not want to go back to the hard days before. Xiang Denggao clearly remembers when Xiang Youliang cheated his mother’s gold necklace to buy 700 yuan to build a water supply project in the village. After the village was filled with tap water, his mother fell ill. Xiang Denggao ran to the gold shop. I borrowed a necklace from the boss, but when he got home, his mother had died.

Xiang Youliang’s family became a poor household due to heavy debts. The village committee decided to establish a file for his family. The villagers were all talking when they saw the notice. Unexpectedly, the richest man in the village became a poor household overnight. Pu Quansheng also fell into contemplation, and he immediately decided to crowdfund to buy an excavator.


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