Xiuju brought Liao Xi, Liao Yihui and her mother-in-law to the old house in Jiuli Lake. It had not been lived in for a long time, making people feel desolate. Liao Yihui was frightened by the mice and yelled. After Liu Tianqiu urged Liao Hui to drive Liao Xi's family away, he looked around the Liao residence compound, feeling extremely happy.

Xiuju and Liao Yihui have always been pampered, and they have never done heavy work. The two of them could not lift heavy boxes. Liao Xi went to help, but because of his hand injury, he was helpless. Mei Luodan followed Liao Xi's family to Jiuli Lake. She stepped forward to help without saying a word, Liao Yihui was very repulsive to her, and she and her subordinates were not allowed to intervene, Liao Yihui and Xiuju couldn't lift the box, so they had to ask Mei Luodan and the others to help.

Thanks to the full help of Mei Luodan and others, Liao Xi's family finally settled down. Seeing that it was getting late, the eldest lady asked Mei Luodan and the others to stay at home temporarily, and Liao Yihui secretly hid the key of the guest room. Xiuju had already seen that Liao Yihui took the key away, and tried hard to persuade her to take it out, Liao Yihui had no choice but to do so, Xiuju opened the door and let Mei Luodan stay.

Liao Hui studied the rare books of Liuhe whenever he had time, but he didn't know much about it. He suspected that Liao Xi gave him a fake rare book. Shen Wan believed in Liao Xi's character and asked him to study hard. Shen Wan saw that Liu Tianqiu He is an insidious villain, reminding Liao Hui to beware of him everywhere. Xiuju prepared gifts early in the morning to visit her eldest brother and sister-in-law, and Liao Yihui accompanied her on the trip. When Xiuju walked halfway, she found that she had forgotten the gift she had prepared for her sister-in-law, so she sent Liao Yihui home to get it.

The eldest lady took Mei Luodan to chat and chatted about Mei Luodan's marriage. Mei Luodan briefly told about her fiancé Dai Shouyi's escape from marriage, and admitted that she was not married to Liao Xi now. When they got married, Liao Xi didn't dare to disobey, so he could only play haha with smiling faces. When Liao Yihui came in and heard their conversation, she was so angry that she took the gift and went out. Liao Yihui told Xiuju that Mei Luodan and Liao Xi were going to get married, and Xiuju went on the road without saying a word.

Shen Wan hosted a banquet to entertain the masters of the workshop, and asked Liu Tianqiu to accompany her. Shen Wan asked everyone to support Liao Hui, and they agreed. The masters excused themselves to go back to work in the workshop, so they bid farewell to Shen Wan and left in a hurry. Shen Wan thanked Liu Tianqiu for his support to Liao Hui. Asking for advice, Shen Wan immediately became alert.

Liao Yihui targeted Mei Luodan everywhere, Liao Xi reprimanded her severely, and Liao Yihui went back to her room angrily. Mei Luodan wanted to take Liao Xi to Nanyang for treatment. Liao Xi felt hopeless and didn't want to waste time and money. He politely declined. Please persuade Liao Xi well. Liao Yihui never forgets Zhang Zinan, and often sits in the yard in a daze. Thinking of their encounters a few times, she feels a different feeling in her heart.

The eldest brother sold the old house under the pretext of forcing Xiuju to find a house to move as soon as possible. Xiuju was very embarrassed. The house was left by his father. Dan rushed to rescue Xiuju in time, and drove the eldest brother away with a few words. Mei Luodan learned the whole story and agreed to help Xiuju solve the matter.

Liao Xi's hand is useless, he doesn't want to delay Su Zhe's future, he wants him to find another job, Su Zhe is determined not to leave, the lady came to speak good words for Su Zhe upon hearing the news. Li Xia came to see Liao Xi, but she didn't expect Mei Luodan to be there, Li Xia reminded Liao Xi to send Mei Luodan away, otherwise it would cause a lot of trouble. Liao Xi persuaded Mei Luodan to return to Caidao, and there was no doubt that Mei Luodan had no choice but to agree.

Zhang Zinan went to see Zhang Xinian and met Ye Zhiqiu at the gate. He asked Ye Zhiqiu about the situation of Jiuli Lake, but Ye Zhiqiu didn't dare to ask more, so he told him the truth. Li Xia brought the missionary John to announce the good news to Liao Xi. John took the portrait of Guan Gong made by Liao Xi to participate in the World Expo and won the gold medal. Liao Xi became famous overseas. Many colleagues wanted to know him. Li Xia took the opportunity to persuade Liao Xi to treat him With a hand injury, John tried to persuade Liao Xi to rekindle his hope.

The news that Liao Xi's work won the gold medal spread like wildfire, and the people of Xinghua Prefecture rushed to tell each other. Liao Xi tried to hold the carving knife again with his injured hand, but all failed. The hope that Liao Xi had just ignited was shattered again, and he was heartbroken. Mei Luodan witnessed this scene, she once again persuaded Liao Xi to see the hands, Liao Xi had given up, he could only resign himself to fate, Mei Luodan encouraged him not to give up lightly, and to carry forward the craftsmanship of the Liao family.

After the eldest lady left with Liao Xi, the maids were still used to calling Shen Wan the second wife, Shen Wan was very annoyed, and taught the maids a lesson. When Liao Hui saw the news that Liao Xi had won the award, he immediately took the newspaper to announce the good news to Shen Wan. Shen Wan was so angry that she tore the newspaper to pieces on the spot.


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