After Liao Jingshan passed away, the Liao family had no leader. The head of the family urged the eldest lady to determine the candidate for the treasurer as soon as possible. The eldest lady must obey Liao Jingshan's last wish and let Liao Hui and Liao Xi be in charge separately. Pick someone who is in charge. The lady had no choice but to discuss with Liao Xi. Liao Xi was willing to hand over the treasures of Liuhe to Liao Hui and let Liao Hui be the shopkeeper. The lady worried that once Liao Hui gained power, Shen Wan would not be able to tolerate their mother and son. Liao Xi had already made up her mind.

Shen Wan forced Liao Hui to go back to Liuhe Treasure Book tomorrow, so that he could become a well-known treasurer as soon as possible. Liao Hui couldn't bear to treat Liao Xi like this, but he couldn't stand Liu Tianqiu and Shen Wan's hard work. Today is not the day for Liao Jingshan's funeral, and the three shopkeepers from the same industry took the initiative to enshrine Liao Jingshan, and Liao Xi was very moved.

After Liao Xi took care of Liao Jingshan's funeral, he handed the Liuhe treasure book to Liao Hui and asked him to be the treasurer of Liuhe Hall. He promised to help him with all his strength. Hall flourishes. Liao Hui took the fire brand and Liuhe treasure book and formally took over Liuhetang. Liu Tianqiu asked the masters in the workshop to start work as soon as possible. The masters in the workshop were not optimistic about Liao Hui. Master Feng first stood up to protest. He felt that Liao Xi was the successor of the Liao family. It was a pity that the craftsmanship of the Liao family was lost. Liao Hui was not convinced. Master Feng pointed out his flaws in craftsmanship one by one. Then go away in anger.

Liu Tianqiu urged the masters to complete the order as quickly as possible and asked them to cut corners. The masters insisted on doing things according to the rules of the Liao family. Shen Wan called Mr. Accountant and made it clear that from now on, she would ask the mother and son for instructions on what to report. The accountant did not dare to disobey, and sent the bills to her every day. Shen Wan asked someone to carve a big seal for Liao Hui. , Let him stamp the bill every day.

Shen Wan used the excuse that she wanted to renovate the repair house for Liao to live in, and wanted to drive the lady out. The lady was completely enraged, and forced to drive the guys out, and even yelled at Shen Wan. Xiuju heard the news and came to comfort her. Liao Hui was the big shopkeeper talking about the matter, but the big lady didn't agree with it at all, and drove her away together.

Liao Hui saw that the masters refused to accept him, so he asked Liu Tianqiu for advice. Liu Tianqiu took the opportunity to instigate his relationship with Liao Xi, and persuaded him to drive Liao Xi and the eldest lady out of the Liao family, so that he could become the big shopkeeper in a justifiable way. Liu Tianqiu counted a batch of newly-made furniture to be delivered to the buyer. Shopkeeper Feng notified Liao Xi immediately. Liao Xi found out that this batch of furniture was cutting corners, and he was determined not to allow him to ship it. He wanted to make a new batch according to the rules of the Liao family. Standing up to challenge Liao Xi, and even pretending to be a big shopkeeper, Liao Xi tried hard to persuade him to no avail, Liao Hui even forced Liao Xi to leave Liao's house and never appear in Liuhetang, Liao Xi suddenly understood everything.

When Liao Xi came to the ancestral hall of the Liao family, he remembered his father Liao Jingshan's teachings before his death. He felt mixed feelings in his heart. In a fit of anger, Liao Xi led people to smash all the reports of cutting corners. Lu Tianqi saw with his own eyes that Liao Xi and Liao Hui turned against each other, and he was very happy. He came to Rou'er to drink and celebrate. Rou'er was curious to find out why, but Liu Tianqiu avoided talking about it.

Xiuju asked Liao Xi to discuss, and wanted to take the eldest lady and Liao Yihui to her natal Jiuli Lake Bazi, but the eldest lady couldn't think of a better place for a while, so she had to agree. Before leaving, Liao Yihui came to say goodbye to Zhang Zinan, but Zhang Zinan was not in the barracks, and just as she was about to leave, Zhang Zinan hurried back, and Liao Yihui bid farewell to him and left.

Liao Xi's family of four packed up their luggage and left Liao's house. The guys went to the gate to see them off and knelt down together to beg them not to leave. The eldest lady, Xiuju and Liao Xi helped them up, and Master Feng and Qin came to greet them. Liao Xi resigned and wanted to pack up his things and go back to the countryside. Liao Xi tried hard to persuade them to stay, and asked them to carry forward the craftsmanship of Liuhetang, so they reluctantly agreed to stay. Looking forward to Liao Xi's return soon, Liao Xi was deeply moved and bid farewell to everyone .

Mei Luodan heard that Liao Xi was kicked out of Liao's house, she waited for Liao Xi halfway, advised Liao Xi not to give up lightly, asked Liao Xi to help run the Xingshengyuan business, Xiuju politely declined, and Mei Luodan sent someone to follow them .


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