Li Duwei was embracing left and right to drink flowers and wine. He saw Liao Yihui coming in, so he hurriedly kicked out the two women beside him and asked Liao Yihui to drink with him. Liao Yihui politely declined and begged Li Duwei to let Liao Xi go. Liao Yihui tried her best, as long as Liao Yihui was willing to marry him, he would be able to keep everyone in Liuhetang safe. Liao Yihui resisted desperately, and Captain Li pestered her bitterly.

The young marshal Zhang Zinan rushed to rescue Liao Yihui in time. Captain Li was so frightened that he begged for mercy. The young marshal gave him a hard lesson and sent Liao Yihui home. Liao Yihui begged Zhang Zinan to let Liao Xi go. , Zhang Zinan took off his military coat and put it on for her. Xiuju has been waiting for Liao Yihui at the gate of the government office, she can't wait to know Zhang Zinan's identity, Liao Yihui wants to go home and talk about it.

Li Xia discussed with her companions and wanted to kill Li Duwei to eliminate harm for the people. Liao Jingshan was dying, so he handed over the brand of fire to Liao Hui, and wanted to pass on the treasured book of Liuhe to Liao Xi.

Liu Tianqiu came to Liao Hui overnight to congratulate him on getting the fire brand. Liao Hui prayed that Liao Jingshan would get better gradually. Liu Tianqiu pretended to be good at this family. It turned out that Liu Tianqiu was Sun Zhen's son, and he came to the Liao family to seek revenge. He sent Steward Zhang to find out the truth about the year, and found out that Liao Jingshan had colluded with the eunuchs in the palace to frame his father, Sun Zhen. Liu Tianqiu recalled the tragic scenes in which his whole family was killed, and he broke out in a cold sweat. He secretly vowed to kill Liao Jingshan to avenge his revenge.

Su Zhe ran back to Caidao in one breath, Mei Luodan learned that Liao Xi was imprisoned, and took someone to rescue him without saying a word. Li Xia made careful arrangements and intercepted and killed Li Duwei halfway. Because of the disparity in strength between the two sides, Li Xia was surrounded by groups and he was put in prison. Life and death have been disregarded.

Liu Tianqiu came to visit Liao Xi in prison, and Liao Xi couldn't wait to know the situation of his father Liao Jingshan. When he learned that Liao Jingshan was in critical condition, he felt very uncomfortable. Liu Tianqiu came to Ye Zhiqiu to inquire about Liao Xi's situation. Ye Zhiqiu revealed that Liao Xi was not guilty of death. Liu Tianqiu was not satisfied, and Ye Zhiqiu promised to punish Liao Xi. Zhang Zinan came to negotiate with Li Duwei and asked him to give up the Xinghua Mansion. Li Duwei refused to give it up, so he took the opportunity to open his mouth. Zhang Zinan asked him to let Liao Xi go, and Li Duwei bit the bullet and agreed.

Zhang Zinan went back to report to his father Zhang Xinian. Zhang Xinian saw Li Duwei's wolf ambition and asked him to kill Li Duwei. Li Duwei was worried that Ye Chang had many dreams, so he discussed with Ye Zhiqiu and decided to behead Li Xia, let Liao Xi accompany her, and posted a notice. Liao Xi and Li Xia were taken to the execution ground. Li Xia yelled at Li Duwei. He didn't finish, and the people stood up to protest. Li Duwei ordered Liao Xi's hand to be disabled. The soldiers smashed Liao Xi's right hand with gun butts, and Liao Xi fainted on the spot.

Liao Jingshan was very ill, and the lady gave him medicine. Liao Jingshan suddenly became ill and passed out. Liu Tianqiu kept hiding outside the door. He sent the lady and Xiuju away, and explained his true identity to Liao Jingshan. died. Li Duwei ordered Li Xia to be shot, but he was shot dead by Zhang Zinan on the spot. Zhang Zinan asked Zhang Xinian to read Zhang Xinian's military order in public. Ye Zhiqiu tried his best to please Zhang Zinan and vowed to serve Zhang Xinian.

After Liao Jingshan passed away, Liao Xi fell ill because of grief, and Xiuju stayed by his side every step of the way. Liao Xi struggled to stand guard for Liao Jingshan, but fainted due to a severe hand injury. The doctor carefully examined Liao Xi's wound and found that Liao Xi injured his bones and muscles, and I'm afraid he won't be able to recover, and there is nothing he can do, so he can only resign himself to fate. Shen Wan took the opportunity to challenge the eldest lady to let Liao Hui take charge of the Liao family. The eldest son insisted on following the tradition of the eldest son inheriting the business. Shen Wan worried that Liao Xi's hands would be useless and could not work. Without letting go, she even scolded Shen Wan.

Zhang Zinan personally came to Liao's house to express his condolences, and he also wanted to introduce the doctor who treated Liao Xi's hand. Liao Yihui was very grateful to him. Mei Luodan brought Su Zhe to see Liao Jingshan off. She wanted to see Liao Xi's injuries, so Xiuju asked Liao Yihui to take her there. Liao Xi has been in a coma, Mei Luodan called the lady aside, she wanted to take Liao Xi to Guangzhou to heal his injuries, Xiuju and the lady felt that something was wrong, Mei Luodan had to say goodbye and leave.

In the middle of the night, Xiuju came to see Liao Xi and found that there was no one on the bed. She hurried to inform the eldest lady that after Liao Xi woke up, she went to kneel before the coffin, and he vowed to support the family. Liu Tianqiu sowed discord in front of Shen Wan and asked Liao Hui to take over the Liao family as soon as possible to avoid complications.


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