Liao Xi packed his luggage early in the morning and prepared to leave the island to go home. Mei Luodan and his brothers came to see him off. Liao Xi bid farewell to everyone. Su Zhe wanted to continue learning crafts from Liao Xi. Liao Xi asked him to help Mei Luodan manage the Xingshengyuan business well. Mei Luodan agreed with Su Zhe to follow Liao Xi, so Su Zhe naturally wanted it.

Li Duwei led troops to occupy Xinghua Mansion and dominate one side. He always felt that his roots were not deep. Ye Zhiqiu saw that Yuan Shikai wanted to be emperor, so he asked Li Duwei to give him a dragon chair. After the chair was robbed, Nanshan was completely released. Liao Hui made a mess of Liuhe Hall, and Captain Li decided to meet Liao Jingshan in person.

Li Xia specially prepared a gift to visit Liao Jingshan. Liao Hui stopped him and taunted him. Liu Tianqiu also joined in, insisting that Li Xia bewitched Liao Xi and caused him to be hunted down for colluding with the rebellious party. Liao Jingshan therefore treated Li Xia Holding a grudge, Liu Tianqiu warned Li Xia not to approach Liao Yihui again, otherwise she would not be polite. Li Xia didn't want to explain too much to them, so she had to leave in anger.

The usury creditor brought people to the door to collect the debt. Liao replied that he would repay the money as long as the payment was settled. Liao Jingshan learned the whole story and asked Liu Tianqiu to return the money to the creditor. The coffin he prepared was taken away by them to repay the debt. Liao Hui knelt down on the ground and apologized to Liao Jingshan. Liao Jingshan was very disappointed in him.

Liao Jingshan locked himself in the study in a fit of anger, he didn't eat or drink, the lady scoffed at what Liao Hui did, Shen Wan had no choice. Xiuju asked Liao Yihui to persuade Liao Jingshan. Liao Yihui felt that Liao Jingshan was not taken away because of the coffin. Not wanting to hear her rambling, he urged her to visit Liao Jingshan.

Ye Zhiqiu brought Li Duwei to Liao's house. Liao Hui couldn't understand their domineering appearance and sneered at them. Li Duwei was furious. Liao Jingshan came here after hearing the news. When he learned that the dragon chair was for Yuan Shikai, he flatly refused, claiming that he only made dragon chairs for the emperor, and he was determined not to give it to Yuan Shikai, a rebellious official. Wei became furious and threatened to kill all of Liao's family. Liao Jingshan was not afraid of danger.

Ye Zhiqiu knew Liao Jingshan's temper well, so he called Li Duwei aside and advised Li Duwei not to confront Liao Jingshan head-on, Ye Zhiqiu in turn persuaded Liao Jingshan to make a dragon chair for Yuan Shikai, Liao Jingshan yelled at him, calling him a treacherous villain Ye Zhiqiu explained the stakes to Li Jinsong and persuaded him to think about the Liao family, but Liao Jingshan didn't let go. Li Duwei accused Liao Jingshan of opposing the republic and restoring rebellion, and took out a gun to kill him, but Liao Jingshan swore to die.

Li Duwei drew his gun and Liao Hui tried to stop Li Duwei, but Li Duwei still shot Liao Jingshan. Ye Zhiqiu was worried that the incident would be too big to end, so he persuaded Li Duwei to leave quickly. Li Duwei pulled away. Liao Xi took Su Zhe back to the home he had been away for a long time. He found that there was no one in the house, so he hurriedly looked around. He learned from the maid Xiaocui that Liao Jingshan had been shot and passed out, so he hurried to see what happened.

Liao Jingshan called Liao Xi's name in a coma, and the whole family gathered around his bed. Waking up in a daze, he sees Liao Xi coming back safely, crying with excitement, Xiuju brings good medicine, and Liao Xi personally feeds Liao Jingshan.

Liao Xi took the guys to the government office to settle accounts with Li Duwei, and met Li Xia on the way, and Li Xia was about to take someone to teach Li Duwei a lesson, so they rushed to the government office together. Li Duwei wanted to lead troops to meet Liao Xi for a while, Ye Zhiqiu advised him to think twice, not to stir up civil uprisings, but Li Duwei didn't listen at all, relying on a gun in his hand, he came to see Liao Xi aggressively.

Liao Xi wanted to break into the government office to catch the murderer. Ye Zhiqiu was in the middle of the fight. Li Duwei charged Liao Jingshan with the crime of opposing the republic, threatening and intimidating Liao Xi. A warning shot was fired and Liao Xi was ordered to be arrested. Ye Zhiqiu came to the prison to persuade Liao Xi not to provoke Li Duwei, otherwise his life would be lost. Liao Xi yelled at Li Duwei.

Li Duwei never forgot about Liao Yihui, and asked Ye Zhiqiu about her situation. Li Xia sent the injured Su Zhe home, and Su Zhe hurried back to Caidao to find Mei Luodan to rescue Liao Xi, and briefly recounted Liao Xi's experience of living in Caidao. The lady gave all her savings to Xiuju, and Xiuju also took her gold and silver jewelry to the pawn shop for money. Liao Yihui thought that one hundred yuan was too little and turned around and wanted to leave. hundred oceans.

Xiuju and Liao Yihui took all the money to come to Ye Zhiqiu to help rescue Liao Xi. Ye Zhiqiu agreed and asked Liao Yihui to stay and talk to Captain Li. Xiuju was worried that Liao Yihui was in danger, and Liao Yihui was eager to save people and didn't think much about it. So I followed Ye Zhiqiu to see Captain Li.


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