The old man disrespected the statue of the Goddess of the Sea, and the boat he was on sank. There was an uproar at the scene, shouting that the Goddess of the Sea appeared. Guitou and other island owners believe that the Goddess of the Sea is protecting Granny Mei, worship her, and swear allegiance to Granny Mei to the death.

In fact, all of this was carefully arranged by Liao Xi. He deliberately asked the guys to pinch the head of the Poseidon Empress with mud, just to confuse the traitor. He also asked Su Zhe to hack the old eighth's boat to create the illusion that the Poseidon Empress appeared. . Granny Mei asked the island owners to go back and prepare to meet the Sea Goddess, and they obeyed obediently.

That night, Mei Luodan sent someone to call Liao Xi to the conference hall, and told him to his face that he was Liao Xi from Liuhetang. After staying on the island for two years, Liao Xi wanted to report to his family that they were safe, and Mei Luodan readily agreed.

Liu Tianqiu urged Liao Hui to complete the order as soon as possible, but the Liao family was short of funds and had no money to buy wood in the account. Liu Tianqiu asked Liao Hui to think of a way. Mei Luodan took a big furniture-making order and handed it over to Liao Xi. Liao Xi divided the work among the guys and built a drying room. Su Zhe wanted to worship Liao Xi as his teacher, and Liao Xi wanted to return home after working for two years.

Liao Jingshan's physical strength was gradually exhausted, and he hoped that Liao Xi would come back soon to take over Liuhetang. Customers came to make trouble with some pieces of furniture, insisting that Liuhetang produced defective products. Liao Jingshan hurried over to see what happened. For Hetang's fire seal, Liao Jingshan apologized to the customer again and again, and promised to personally supervise the workers to do a new set, and the customer reluctantly agreed.

Liao Jingshan guessed that it was Liao Hui's fault, so he gave him a hard lesson. Master Feng and Master Qin took the initiative to confess that they had cut corners, and Liao Jingshan drove them away in a fit of anger. Liu Tianqiu intercepted the letter from Liao Xi and vowed never to let Liao Xi return to Liao's house.

Granny Mei called her brothers together, announced in public that she would set up a "Xingshengyuan" business, and revealed Liao Xi's true identity. She kindly invited Liao Xi to be the second head, but Liao Xi politely declined. He wanted to return to his home as soon as possible. To persuade Granny Mei to take the brothers to change their way of life, first of all, they must abolish the bad habits of the past and completely change the image of pirates. Mei Luodan persuades Granny Mei to accept Liao Xi's suggestion. Granny Mei is worried that the 18 islands her husband has worked so hard to conquer will be destroyed in her own hands. Mei Luodan firmly believes that Liao Xi can help them completely turn the situation around.

After Li Duwei arrived in Xinghua Mansion, he collected money everywhere, and even praised himself in the newspapers. Liao Jingshan despised him for his actions. Shen Wan sang operas to make Liao Jingshan happy, pleaded desperately for Liao Hui, and casually mentioned that Liao Hui should take over, Liao Jingshan became angry and emphasized again and again that Liao Xi was still alive, and it was not Liao Hui's turn to inherit the family business, so Shen Wan went to the temple to pray. When Xiuju heard that Liao Xi had died, she was heartbroken, and the eldest lady persuaded her well.

Liao Xi taught the guys how to do carpentry. He has strict requirements on wood materials. Mei Luodan fully supported his work and found handy tools for Liao Xi. After the unremitting efforts of Liao Xi and the guys, the batch was finally completed. furniture. The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, and Li Xia bought mooncakes and wanted to visit Liao Jingshan. Liao Yihui revealed that Liao Jingshan was afraid that Li Xia would be close to the revolutionary party, so Li Xia asked Liao Yihui to hand over the mooncakes to Liao Jingshan.

On the night of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Granny Mei hosted a banquet for the folks. She thanked Liao Xi for her great help, announced in public that she would get rid of her previous bad habits, and begged Liao Xi to take everyone to run Xingshengyuan better and better. With Mei Luodan. Liao Xi was touched by the scene and couldn't help thinking of his relatives. He had never received a letter from his family, and he had mixed feelings in his heart. Liao Jingshan took his family to have a reunion dinner, and he thought of Liao Xi with a heavy heart. Rou'er prepared exquisite meals and invited Liu Tianqiu to spend the Mid-Autumn Festival with her. After dinner, Liao Xi bid farewell to Mei Luodan. Mei Luodan was reluctant to let him go, but it was inconvenient to keep him, so he only asked him to come back to the island to visit often.


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