Liao Xi personally cooked two dishes for Granny Mei and Luodan Mei, and also cooked fish for the guys. Everyone enjoyed it. Granny Mei is full of praise for Liao Xi's cooking skills, and Mei Luodan repeatedly praises Liao Xi as a rare talent, and she wants to entrust him with a heavy responsibility. Granny Mei is worried, and decides to send someone to investigate Liao Xi's details.

Liao Xi found that the hanging tag of Crane and Auspiciousness hanging on Su Zhe's neck was unusual, so he took it over and observed carefully. It was the top-grade tag in terms of craftsmanship, carving and coloring. It was picked up by Su Zhe by accident. When he got Knowing that this hanging tag can be sold for five oceans, I felt a little nervous.

Granny Mei and Mei Luodan talked about her marriage. Mei Luodan's fiancé, Dai Shouyi, ran away on the day they got married. Welcome to the Grand Ceremony of Hai Niangniang. The staff rushed to report that the Qing government had been overthrown by the Revolution of 1911, and Emperor Xuantong had abdicated. Granny Hai and Mei Luodan were stunned.

The Qing Emperor abdicated, and Li Duwei, who had been entrenched near Fujian all year round, took the opportunity to lead his troops into Xinghua City. Lord Yin fled, and the people were forced to cut off their big braids and took to the streets to welcome Li Duwei. A bigger crisis will engulf the Liuhetang of the Liao Mansion. Liao Hui told Liao Jingshan the news immediately, and Liao Jingshan was so anxious that he beat his chest and stamped his feet.

After Mr. Yin escaped, Master Ye turned into the counselor of Li Duwei. Li Duwei wanted to buy a batch of wooden utensils for the government. Counselor Ye decided to entrust Zhenxiutang to do it. He was not at ease about Zhenxiutang's craftsmanship. Persuading Liu Tianqiu to help Zhenxiutang, and give him a part-time job after the matter is completed, Liu Tianqiu promised to think about it carefully.

The windy season is coming, and Grandma Mei sent Dao Ba to lead people to reinforce the newly built timber houses, workers' houses and sheds, so as not to be damaged by the typhoon. Liao Xi led his staff to work overtime. He learned from Dao Scar that Hai Niangniang is the patron saint of the Eighteen Islands. , that is nothing to be proud of. Grandma Mei sent Liao Xi to clean up Grandma Hai's sedan chair, but Liao Xi did not dare to neglect.

Granny Mei suddenly received a secret letter, Cai Guitou and Ba Ye wanted to take advantage of Hai Niangniang's island tour ceremony to make trouble and overthrow Granny Mei. In Dao Ping Village, Mei Luodan advised Granny Mei not to act rashly, but to wait and see what happens, Granny Mei thinks it makes sense.

Liao Xi came to check the reinforced sedan chair and found that Hai Niangniang was Mazu. He told Mei Luodan that Mazu was a blessing to the boatmen, but they did not expect that they also worshiped Mazu who made a living by robbing ships. Later they also started to do serious business. There have been frequent strong winds at sea recently, lightning and thunder, and the wind season is coming soon. Caidao is facing internal and external troubles. Granny Mei is worried all day long and can’t eat. Mei Luodan asks Liao Xi for help. Liao Xi persuades her to relax and take care of the island. It's like governing a country.

The lumber yard was blown upside down by the typhoon. Liao Xi took people to repair it without saying a word. Liao Xi rushed forward regardless of the danger. Seeing that the greenhouse was about to collapse, Liao Xi rushed to help Mei Luodan. When a typhoon hit, the two were killed. Trapped in the collapsed greenhouse, Mei Luodan called for help, but no one answered, so they had to wait patiently for help. Liao Xi persuaded Mei Luodan to leave the island, and Mei Luodan opened up to him, telling in detail the experience of his mother, Granny Hai, leading thousands of people on the island to survive, and also told about Dai Shouyi's escape from marriage. The more Mei Luodan talked, the more sad he became, Advise Liao Xi to stay and help them.

The typhoon finally stopped. Granny Mei found that Mei Luodan was missing. She led people to search around and rescued Liao Xi and Mei Luodan. The statue of the Goddess of the Sea was blown off the ground by the typhoon. Granny Mei ordered to block the news. Someone suggested that another statue should be hired. Granny Mei was in a hurry. It turned out that Cai Guitou and Ba Ye took advantage of the typhoon to sabotage and sent people to smash the statue of the Sea Goddess, hoping to overthrow Granny Mei.

Cai Guitou and Ba Ye led people to invade Caidao. Granny Mei made careful arrangements and wanted to fight to the death with them. Liao Xi advised her not to risk the lives of her brothers. He carefully checked the statue of the Sea Goddess and found that it was Liuhe Liao Xi carefully inspected the ancestral hall, the doors and windows were closed, and the typhoon could not blow in. This was obviously man-made damage. Granny Mei guessed that there was a ghost on the island. Liao Xi suggested that the statue of the Goddess of the Sea should be repaired first. He also asked Granny Mei and Mei Luodan to help him put on a play. Granny Mei was worried that the traitor would leak the news, so she asked Scar to send someone to guard the entrance of the ancestral hall, not allowing anyone to enter, and let Liao Xi concentrate on repairing the statue of Hai Niangniang. Liao Xi asked people to take all the pots and pans from the kitchen to the ancestral hall, and asked the guys to pinch the head of the statue with mud. The traitor hid aside and kept an eye on Liao Xi's every move.

Liuhetang's business is bleak, Liao Jingshan prepares a coffin for himself, Liu Tianqiu persuades Liao Hui to help Zhen Xiutang complete the order, Liao Hui is worried that Liao Jingshan will be angry when he knows this, Liu Tianqiu asks him to do it secretly. After Liao Xi's unremitting efforts, the statue of the Goddess of the Sea was finally restored. He Niannian's grand ceremony was held as scheduled. Eighteen island owners gathered together. Ba Ye persuaded Mei Luodan to marry Cai Guitou, but Mei Luodan sneered at him. As soon as Cai Guitou came to the island, he couldn't wait to see the statue of the Sea Goddess.

The auspicious time had come, and Grandma Mei ordered the statue of the Goddess of the Sea to be brought out. She specially covered the statue with a yellow cloth, and everyone knelt down on the ground to salute. Cai Guitou and Ba Ye urged Granny Mei to take down the yellow cloth, wanting to see the demeanor of the Poseidon Empress. It is made of wood.


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