Master Ye came to Liao's house to report a letter early in the morning, and insisted that Liao Xi was worried that the dragon ball would burst suddenly when it arrived in the capital, so he colluded with the rebellious party to rob the dragon chair. Liao Xi yelled that he was wronged on the spot, Liao Jingshan desperately defended Liao Xi, Liu Tianqiu advised Liao Xi to go out and hide for a while, but Liao Xi was determined not to leave, Master Ye hypocritically advised Liao Xi to leave as soon as possible, otherwise he would face the crime of beheading , Liao Jingshan tried hard to persuade Liao Xi, but he couldn't think of a better way for a while, so he had to agree.

Liao Xi bid farewell to his wife, Xiuju, and came to the pier early in the morning. The crew on the boat took him aboard. Hey, Liao Xi couldn't stand still, Ba Ye led someone into the cabin to assassinate, Liao Xi desperately resisted, he was surrounded, Liao Xi tried his best to escape, but because of the strong wind and waves, the boat capsized, Liao Xi and his father Both fell into the sea.

Liao Xi and Lao Ba drifted to Caidao, fishermen Su Zhe and Da Fa went to collect their nets and rescued them. The foreman Dao Scar recognized Lao Ba and asked to take him to Dr. Li. Dao Scar worried that Liao Xi was from the government. Liao Xi lied that his surname was Chen, and was going to Nanyang to do business, but encountered a typhoon on the way and was washed to the shore. Dao Scar believed it was true, so he asked Liao Xi to go to the dock to move the goods. Liao Xi moved the goods with the guys, and he found out from Su Zhe that the goods were all smuggled.

Lao Ba's injury gradually improved, he said goodbye to Dr. Li, recognized Liao Xi at the pier, and ordered Liao Xi to be arrested without further explanation. Liao Xi was hanged in the yard all night, Su Zhe brought him water, Liao Xi was worried that this time would be bad luck, so he asked Su Zhe to go to Liuhetang to report to his family.

Grandma Mei, the chief rudder of Caidao Island, brought her daughter Mei Luodan to inspect the island. Eighth Master personally brought people to greet him, and framed Liao Xi for robbing his cargo ship. Putting it down, Liao Xi claimed that his family suffered a disaster. He wanted to take a boat to Nanyang to do business, but was robbed by Lao Ba, and finally encountered a typhoon and capsized. The chief rudder didn't believe it at all, and ordered Liao Xi to be killed and fed to the fish. Liao Xi shouted for grievances. Mei Luodan saw that the old man was lying, so he yelled to stop those people, and Granny Mei ordered Liao Xi to be released.

Liao Hui asked around, and finally found out that the big boat Liao Xi was on had capsized. Liu Tianqiu believed that Liao Xi was dead, and Liao Hui reported the truth to Liao Jingshan, who was very anxious. The guys carried the goods day and night, and each person could not get a piece of dry food every time, and they were so hungry. Scar sat on the stool and supervised the work of the guys. Suddenly the leg of the stool broke, and he fell a big somersault. Scar poured all his anger on Su Zhe, punching and kicking him. After repairing the stool, Dao Scar rewarded him with a piece of watermelon. Liao Xi invited the guys to come and eat together. Dao Scar was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

From that day on, the guys obeyed Liao Xiyan. Liao Xi told everyone to work hard and promised to find a chance to let them go home. Recently, the government's investigation was very strict, coupled with the disturbance of foreigners, two boats were lost on the island at once, and Granny Mei was very anxious. Mei Luodan reported to her Liao Xi's changes to the guys.

Master Ye couldn't find Liao Xi's whereabouts everywhere, and he often brought people to look for important people in Liao Jingshan, and even searched inside and outside the Liuhe Hall. Take people away. The owner brought a batch of sandalwood to the island. Liao Xi found something wrong with the wood. Mei Luodan asked him to split it up on the spot to verify the authenticity. It turned out that the batch of sandalwood was fake. Mei Luodan immediately decided to ask Liao Xi to identify the wood , giving him a monthly salary of ten yuan, Liao Xi only asked the guys to have enough food every day, and Mei Luodan asked the kitchen to prepare delicious meals at night to reward everyone.

Recently, the Xinghua mansion has been in constant trouble. Mr. Yin was worried about losing his black hat, so he discussed with Mr. Ye to find a scapegoat to bear all the charges. Master Ye came to Liao's house to report, claiming that the thief who stole the precious genealogy had been caught, and now he has been executed. Liao Jingshan didn't believe it at all, but Master Ye was convincing, and also took out other stolen goods stolen by the thief in Liao's house.


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