Today is the day to hand in the dragon chair. Liao Jingshan meticulously prepared a grand handover ceremony. He brought the whole family to the workshop early in the morning. Come and visit this event.

As soon as the dragon chair was unveiled, there was an uproar at the scene, and the magistrate announced in public that he would give the Liao family a thousand taels of silver as a reward. The dragon ball on the dragon chair exploded suddenly, and everyone present was stunned. Liao Jingshan fainted on the spot because of the rush of fire.

Liao Jingshan yelled that he was wronged, Master Ye refused to let him go, Liao Xi begged the magistrate to give them time to find out the reason for the bursting of the dragon ball as soon as possible, the magistrate knew that the matter was serious, and was worried that he could not explain to the emperor, so he discussed with Master Ye to detain Liao Jingshan Liao Jingshan was so frightened that he was accused of colluding with the rebellious party and betraying the emperor. Liao Xi took out the burst dragon ball and inspected it carefully. He promised that it would be repaired within three days. Master Ye wanted to take Liao Jingshan back as a hostage, and the magistrate agreed.

Liao Jingshan pinned all his hopes on Liao Xi, and gave him thousands of instructions. Liao Xi watched Liao Jingshan being taken away, not to mention how uncomfortable he felt. He sent Liao Hui to take the money to the jailer in the main hall, so that Liao Jingshan would not be imprisoned. suffer. The eldest lady was so anxious that she couldn't stop crying, and Shen Wan sneered at her. The family members of the Liao family donated generously, and Boss Wu also took out high-quality red sandalwood wood and asked Liao Xi to make a new dragon ball. Liao Xi was very moved.

Shen Wan asked Liao Hui to find the eldest lady to get more money, and tried to rescue Liao Jingshan. Liao Hui would be able to gain a firm foothold at home. Shen Wan was worried that the eldest lady would embarrass him, so she asked him to go to Liu Tianqiu for help. Liao went back to Liu Tianqiu for help. Liu Tianqiu wanted to use 1,000 taels of banknotes to do business up and down. Liao Xi worked tirelessly to make dragon balls with the red sandalwood wood that Boss Wu gave him, but it still burst. Liao Xi continued to experiment. Liao Yihui is worried about Liao Jingshan, and Xiuju firmly believes that Liao Xi can recover.

Liu Tianqiu received 1,000 taels of silver bills, and only sent 500 taels to Master Ye. Master Ye gave him 100 taels as a favor fee, and gave him 200 taels to the magistrate Yin. Master Yin thought the money was too little, so Master Ye suggested that Liao Jingshan should be treated as a rioter. If the party withholds it, the Liao family will be able to send money in a steady stream. Mr. Yin thinks it makes sense and agrees to the Liao family's visit to Liao Jingshan. Liao Xi and Liao came back to see Liao Jingshan in the prison. Liao Jingshan guessed that there was a problem with the vent, which caused the dragon chair to be heated unevenly and the dragon ball suddenly burst, which was exactly what Liao Xi thought.

As soon as Liao Xi came home, he checked the air vent carefully, and found that a large piece of cloth was blocked inside. Liao Xi took out the cloth, put the dragon ball in it with mortise and tenon assembly method, and heated it with the unique method of Liao family. After drying, the dragon ball was intact this time, and Liu Tianqiu could see it clearly from hiding. Lord Yin immediately went through the handover procedures and released Liao Jingshan. Liao Jingshan learned that Liao Xi used the mortise and tenon structure method to make dragon balls, and kept complaining to him. , he was worried about being seen by others, Liao Xi advised him not to take it to heart, this kind of skill was also left by Lu Ban.

Liao Xi deduced that it was the same person who stole the treasure book and destroyed the drying of the Dragon Balls. Liao Jingshan suspected Liu Tianqiu. When Liu Tianqiu fainted from hunger at the gate of Liao's house, Liao Jingshan took him in and made him a housekeeper. I don't know where my home is, and I have never had any contact with relatives for so many years, and I haven't married yet, this made Liao Jingshan even more suspicious, and couldn't help but mention this in front of Shen Wan, Shen Wan asked Liu Tianqiu curiously, Liu Tianqiu immediately became alert. That night, Liu Tianqiu handed the 600 taels of silver notes to Rou'er, a woman he was close with, and asked her to buy the house.

Liao Xi carefully carved a statue of Guan Gong and gave it to Li Xia of Xinghua Bookstore. Li Xia's friend John couldn't put it down and praised Liao Xi very much. Liao Xi liked the pocket watch around his neck very much. John took it off and gave it to him on the spot. Give it to him, and promise to carve another one for Li Xia.

Liao Yihui saw in the newspaper that the dragon chair had been robbed by the revolutionary party. She reported it to Liao Jingshan immediately. The chair is the evidence of the emperor oppressing their family.

The imperial court sent Mr. Yin to eliminate the chaotic party as soon as possible, and someone reported to Mr. Yin that Liao Xi was a rebellious party. Master Yin was drunk and went back to the county government office. Li Xia led someone to attack him with a mask on his face.


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