Li Xia exposed the smuggling of cigarettes by officials in the newspaper, which caused an uproar. The police station sent people to burn all the newspapers and smash the bookstore to pieces. The crowd applauded and applauded. For those people, Li Xia is more distressed by the ignorance of the common people.

There is an ancestral painting case in the warlord’s home, and his leg was broken during the war. The warlord ordered Zhang Xinian to repair it as soon as possible. Zhang Xinian didn’t dare to neglect it. He was worried that it would affect his position in the army. He called Ye Zhiqiu to discuss countermeasures Ye Zhiqiu agreed to find the best carpenter in Xinghua to repair it. Zhang Xinian sent someone to invite Liao Xi to repair the painting case in Shuai's mansion. Liao Xi wanted to take this opportunity to rescue Liao Hui.

Ye Zhiqiu asked Sun Huaitang, the treasurer of Zhen Xiutang, to restore the painting case. Zhang Xinian didn't trust Sun Huaitang and wanted Liao Xi to repair it. Liao Xi arrived as promised, and Zhang Xinian took him to see the painting case. Ye Zhiqiu was eager to make contributions and asked Sun Huaitang to rush to restore the painting case. Sun Huaitang promised to use good wood to repair the damaged leg, and it would be repaired within ten days. When it was finished, Liao Xi raised his fist and slammed it down hard. Zhang Xinian's leg broke on the spot, and Zhang Xinian suddenly became angry from embarrassment.

Liao Xi recognized that this painting table was custom-made by his ancestors. It was a royal product that was paid tribute during the Daoguang period. It used red sandalwood leg-wrapped hunchback and Bawang. On the surface, only one leg was broken, but in fact the other three legs also had problems. If it is repaired according to Sun Huaitang's method, the painting case will be completely destroyed. Liao Xi promises to repair it within ten days.

Liao Xi promised to restore the painting, and begged Zhang Xinian to release Liao Hui. Zhang Xinian had already signed the order to shoot Liao Hui, and it would be executed in three days. Liao Xi vowed to repair it within three days, so Zhang Xinian reluctantly agreed to give Liao Xi three days. Time, if Liao Xi can't fix the painting, he and Liao Hui are doomed.

Ye Jinyu discussed with Liao Yihui and Zhang Zinan. She wanted to marry Zhang Xinian, so Zhang Xinian agreed to release Liao Hui. Zhang Zinan concluded that Zhang Xinian would not let Liao Hui go easily. Ye Jinyu wanted to die with Liao Hui. Liao Xi checked the painting case carefully, and he was not sure that it could be repaired in three days, but in order to save Liao Hui, he decided to give it a try.

Zhang Zinan brought Liao Yihui and Ye Jinyu to Mei Luodan for help, and asked Mei Luodan to send someone to go to prison with him. Mei Luodan wanted to wait for Liao Xi to come back, but Dao Scar hurried back and told Mei Luodan about the bet between Liao Xi and Zhang Xinian Dan, Mei Luodan was worried that Zhang Xinian would not keep his promise, and was afraid that Liao Xi would be detained by Zhang Xinian. Zhang Zinan wrote a letter to the warden in Zhang Xinian's handwriting, so that he could use it when he robbed the prison.

Today is the day of Zhang Xinian and Ye Jinyu's big show. Celebrities from all walks of life in Xinghua came to participate. Zhang Xinian was in a good mood, drank a lot of wine in one breath, and soon became unconscious. The key, but failed. Ye Jinyu respected Zhang Xinian with a glass of wine, and put medicine in the wine beforehand. The early warning sent Liao Hui a meal of decapitation, and he was going to be executed by shooting. Liao Hui yelled in fright.

Zhang Xinian felt dizzy, guessed that Ye Jinyu had drugged the wine, and he couldn't fall asleep due to the effect of the drug, Ye Jinyu took the opportunity to find out Zhang Xinian's key and stamped the letter. Zhang Zinan came after him, he didn't dare to delay, and immediately sent Dao Scar to take the letter to the cell. Liao Xi and Su Zhe repaired the painting case day and night, and finally finished it within the specified time. Liao Xi asked the officers and soldiers to notify Zhang Xinian.

Liao Hui was taken to the execution ground, the warden just wanted to order him to be shot, Scar made up as Zhang Xinian's soldiers to deliver the letter, falsely claiming that Zhang Xinian would interrogate Liao Hui overnight, the warden wanted to call Zhang Xinian to confirm, Zhang Zinan stood by the phone deliberately After hanging up the phone, the warden couldn't get in touch with Zhang Xinian, and he didn't dare to disobey the order, so he had to ask Scar to take Liao Hui away.

Zhang Xinian woke up in a daze and found that Ye Jinyu had disappeared, so he immediately sent someone to look for him. When he learned that Liao Hui had been kidnapped, he ordered the warden to lead someone to arrest Liao Hui. Scar brought Liao Hui, Ye Jinyu, and Liao Yihui together, and wanted to send them to a safe place for a while. Liao Hui wanted to go home and have a look. Ye Jinyu had no choice but to tell the story of Shen Wan's murder. Killed Liu Tianqiu to avenge his mother.

The warden led people to catch up with Dao Scar's car very quickly. Dao Scar asked Zhang Zinan's men to drive away first. He took Liao Hui and the three of them out of the car and fled up the mountain. , They both jumped off the cliff, and there was a rushing river below. Scar took Liao Yihui to escape. They saw this scene from a distance, and concluded that Liao Hui and Ye Jinyu must die.

Zhang Xinian inspected the repaired painting case and insisted that Liao Xi asked someone to take Liao Hui away. Liao Xi didn't know about it, but Zhang Xinian didn't buy it, and wanted to arrest Liao Hui. Zhang Zinan advised Zhang Xinian to send the painting case quickly To the governor, so as not to be held accountable, Zhang Xinian thought twice before agreeing to let Liao Xi and Su Zhe go.

Dao Scar and Liao Yihui rushed back to report to Mei Luodan. Liao Xi was heartbroken when he heard the news of Liao Hui's death. Zhang Xinian sent people everywhere to arrest Liao Hui and Ye Jinyu, and suddenly received a report of the front line blocking the battle. Due to the urgency of the battle, Zhang Xinian had no choice but to set off to the front line and asked Zhang Zinan to send someone to the warlord to send it.

Liu Tianqiu monopolizes all the properties of the Liao family, and even renamed Liuhe Hall "Tianqiu Pavilion". Liu Tianqiu vowed to carry forward the craftsmanship of the Sun family. When he rushed to stop it, Liu Tianqiu revealed his true identity and ordered the plaque to be burned, but Liao Xi tried his best to stop it.


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