Liu Tianqiu defrauded Shen Wan of the house deed and land deed of the Liao family, and found a wooden box containing Liuhe precious books in Liao Hui's room, and he wanted to keep it for himself. Liu Tianqiu dismissed all the maids and buddies of the Liao family. Shen Wan came to him to argue and urged him to rescue Liao Hui as soon as possible. Liu Tianqiu revealed that he was the son of Sun Zhen. Zhen, Liu Tianqiu saw his parents and seventeen members of his family were all killed. He endured in the Liao family for more than 30 years just to avenge his family. There is no doubt that he must die.

Shen Wan regretted treating Liu Tianqiu as her own for so many years, she rushed forward to fight Liu Tianqiu, Liu Tianqiu slapped her severely, and sent someone to drive Shen Wan out of Liao's house. Liao Xi takes care of Xiuju's funeral, he follows Mei Luodan to Caidao, Liao Yihui has a prejudice against Mei Luodan, she insists on leaving, even Liao Xi's persuasion is useless.

Shen Wan was desperate, so she came to Liao Jingshan's grave and cried, she was ready to die, and finally sang her best play to Liao Jingshan, and then went back to Liao's house and hanged herself. When Liao Xi learned of Shen Wan's death, she brought Mei Luodan and Su Zhe to question Liu Tianqiu Xingshi. Liu Tianqiu didn't know what to ask, and his attitude was still very arrogant. Liao Xi didn't want to get entangled with him, and wanted to rescue Liao Hui and settle accounts with him.

Liao Xi sent Su Zhe to the police station to inquire about the news. Because Liao Hui had committed a capital crime, he didn't ask anything, so he had to come back and report to Liao Xi. Liao Yihui had nowhere to go, so she had to go to Ye Jinyu, Ye Jinyu asked her to help introduce Zhang Zinan, and wanted to rescue Liao Hui. When Zhang Xinian returned to Xinghua, Zhang Zinan reported to him about Liao Hui's smuggling of tobacco, and desperately interceded for Liao Hui. Zhang Xinian hated the smuggling of tobacco and wanted to use Liao Hui as an example.

Ye Jinyu came to Zhang Xinian to intercede, she explained her intention straight to the point, believing that Liao Hui would not smuggle tobacco, Zhang Xinian agreed to find out from the police station, Ye Jinyu turned to leave, Zhang Xinian hurriedly stopped her, kindly invited her to stay for dinner, and asked casually About her marriage, when he found out that Ye Jinyu was not married yet, he felt a little nervous. Zhang Xinian suddenly received an urgent notice to go to a meeting, so he had no choice but to let Ye Jinyu leave.

Liao Yihui has been waiting for Ye Jinyu outside the door. Ye Jinyu thinks that Zhang Xinian is very kind. Liao Yihui has long heard that Zhang Xinian's character is not good, so she reminded her to be wary of Zhang Xinian. Liu Tianqiu officially took charge of the Liao family, and made up all the wages owed to the master and fellows. Ye Zhiqiu came to report to Zhang Xinian about the cargo ship being robbed by pirates. Zhang Xinian took the opportunity to propose marriage to him, and Ye Zhiqiu naturally wanted it.

Rou'er persuaded Liu Tianqiu to let go of the hatred in his heart and not to live in the shadow of the past. Liu Tianqiu would never forget the seventeen relatives who were killed. He vowed to eradicate all the members of the Liao family. Ye Zhiqiu came home drunk, reported the good news to Ye Jinyu, and asked her to marry Zhang Xinian. Ye Jinyu was determined not to be Zhang Xinian's concubine. Ye Zhiqiu told her to marry Zhang Xinian in three days, otherwise Liao Hui would be shot.

Li Xia exposed the news of government officials smuggling tobacco in the newspaper. Zhang Xinian didn't believe it, and decided that it was a frame-up, so he sent someone to call the chief of the police station and asked him to investigate the matter thoroughly. Ye Zhiqiu came to report to Zhang Xinian early in the morning, falsely claiming that Ye Jinyu was very satisfied with the marriage, and asked Zhang Xinian to go to meet the bride in three days, Zhang Xinian was happily from ear to ear, and agreed that Ye Jinyu should go to see Liao Hui in the cell, Ye Zhiqiu proposed to release Liao Hui, Zhang Xinian did not agree Agreed, and kept claiming that she didn't want Ye Jinyu and Liao Huiou to break up.

Ye Jinyu was allowed to come to see Liao Hui in the prison. Liao Hui could tell at a glance that she had something on her mind. Ye Jinyu found an excuse to cover up the past. Liao Hui thought that after going out, he would take Ye Jinyu to visit the Liuhe Hall and take her home to see her mother. Ye Jinyu hurriedly interrupted him If so, bid farewell to him in a hurry and leave.


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