Mei Luodan brought Su Zhe to the island and forced Ba Ye to let Liao Xi and Li Xia go. Ba Ye led the way to the chaifang. Mei Luodan and Su Zhe helped Liao Xi and Li Xia untie without saying a word. Send people to guard 24 hours a day, and the four of them are not allowed to leave half a step.

The master and workers of Liuhetang hadn’t received their wages for two months. Master Qin took them to ask the accountant for money, but the accountant didn’t have any money, so they didn’t buy it and beat the accountant severely. Come, the accountant vomited bitterness to them, Liu Tianqiu came to ask for money every three days, and the account was already penniless, Master Qin hurriedly stood up to defend Liu Tianqiu, claiming that he used the money to buy a large amount of wood, Shen Wan agreed Raise money as soon as possible to pay them wages, and promised to give them dividends, so everyone dispersed.

Liao Hui came to the warehouse in a hurry, only to know that Liu Tianqiu had already transported the timber away one after another. Liao Hui checked the delivery list carefully and complained that the warehouse clerk didn't inform him in advance. The clerk couldn't offend Liu Tianqiu. After coming to the warehouse, he complained incessantly, and hurried to the dock warehouse to find Liu Tianqiu.

Liu Tianqiu knew that he would not be able to escape this time, so he immediately decided to send Liao Hui to prison. Besides, he hid the smoke in the furniture in the dock warehouse. When Liao came back to the warehouse at the dock, the patrolmen arrived and found smoke and dirt in the wardrobe compartment. The patrolmen ordered Liao Hui to be arrested, but it was useless for Liao Hui to cry out for injustice. All this was carefully planned by Liu Tianqiu. He bribed the patrolman in advance and told him the location of the hidden smudges, and asked him to find out the smudges and give Liao Hui a death sentence.

Liao Yihui came to Zhang Zinan to help rescue Liao Xi, and Zhang Zinan readily agreed. Cai Guitou then rushed back, Mei Luodan asked him to let Liao Xi and Li Xia go, Cai Guitou asked Mei Luodan to marry him, and agreed to let Liao Xi and Li Xia go, Mei Luodan flatly refused, Cai Guitou ordered to let Liao Xi and Li Xia go. Liao Xi and the others threw them into the sea to feed the fish, Mei Luodan had no choice but to compromise. Cai Guitou wants to get married tonight, Mei Luodan excuses that he is not ready, and wants to call his mother to the wedding, Cai Guitou has already arranged everything, and wants to get married now.

Cai Guitou sent people to decorate lanterns and festoons, prepare the wedding banquet, and also asked people to lock Liao Xi and Li Xia in another place, promising to send them away early tomorrow morning. Mei Luodan changed into a bright red wedding dress and secretly hid a dagger in her sleeve. She sent someone to let Liao Xi and Li Xia go. Liao Xi learned that Mei Luodan agreed to marry Cai Guitou, so he rushed to the front hall immediately.

Cai Guitou held a large banquet and asked people to invite Mei Luodan out. Mei Luodan took out a dagger to assassinate him, but was subdued on the spot. Liao Xi and Li Xia rushed to rescue Mei Luodan in time, and explained that Mei Luodan Dan won't marry Cai Guitou, Cai Guitou suddenly becomes angry and draws a gun to kill Mei Luodan, when Mei's mother-in-law suddenly brings people over. Cai Guitou wants to marry Mei Luodan, but Granny Mei disagrees, and Li Xia publicly exposes Ba Ye's reselling of tobacco.

One of the rules of Shibadao is that you can’t sell tobacco and soil, otherwise you will die. Granny Mei gave Master Ba a lesson, Guitou Cai slapped Master Ba in the face, and Granny Mei took Mei Luodan, Liao Xi and others in a fit of anger. The people leave, let Cai Guitou deal with Ba Ye by himself. Cai Guitou asked Ba Ye to go to the accountant to get some money and leave, so Ba Ye had to leave with a few cronies. He hated Liao Xi to the bone and vowed to kill him.

Liao Hui was arrested and taken into prison, he was beaten all over with bruises, Liu Tianqiu came to see him hypocritically, Liao Hui finally saw Liu Tianqiu's true face, he deliberately robbed Liao's house, and even framed him, just to dominate Liuhetang, Liu Tianqiu He confessed to this, but he didn't want to tell Liao Hui the real reason, and Liao Hui yelled at him. Mei Luodan wanted to send someone to rob the prison and rescue Liao Hui, but Liao Xi didn't want to hurt her and the brothers on the island.

That night, Xiuju settled Liao Xi, and suddenly heard movement outside the door, she hurried out to check, Ba Ye led someone masked to arrest Xiuju, Liao Xi sensed something was wrong, hurried out to find Xiuju, but was arrested The masked man hijacked her, and Mei Luodan came to rescue her in time, but she was alone and weak, and was tightly entangled by the eighth master and couldn't get away. A masked man stabbed Liao Xi with a knife, Xiuju rushed over to block him in spite of everything, Xiuju was dying due to excessive bleeding, she apologized to Liao Xi with her last breath, and did not give birth to a son to Liao Xi until she died. Xiuju handed over Liao Xi and the family to Mei Luodan, and then passed away. Liao Xi, Liao Yihui and the eldest lady were heartbroken.

Shen Wan came to Liu Tianqiu to discuss countermeasures. Liu Tianqiu insisted that Liao Hui had committed a capital crime this time and needed a large sum of money to clear up the relationship. The house and land deeds were all pawned, and Shen Wan was reluctant to give up these. Liu Tianqiu advised her to rescue Liao Hui first, then sell all the woodcarving works left by Liao Jingshan, and then redeem the house and workshop.

Shen Wan was desperate, so she had to come to Liao Xi for help. When she saw the coffin shed at home, she knew that Xiuju had been murdered, and she burst into tears. Shen Wan wants Liao Xi to find a way to save Liao Hui. The lady pointed out Shen Wan's previous actions one by one. There was a fierce dispute, and Liao Xi stood up to stop them, wanting to finish Xiuju's funeral, Shen Wan had no choice but to leave angrily.


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