Although Xingshengyuan was far ahead with an order of 4,000 yuan, Ye Zhiqiu disqualified Mei Luodan from running for president on the pretext that the payment did not arrive immediately. He also defended Mei Luodan against injustices, and read out the rules of the chamber of commerce in public.

Liao Yihui came home from get off work, but was recognized by two hooligans on the way, who blackmailed her. Puzzled. Liu Tianqiu questioned that Mei Luodan only received a deposit of 2,000 yuan from Oceania. If the goods could not be delivered in time, the deposit would be in vain. Development, she walked away after saying this. Ye Zhiqiu announced that Liu Tianqiu would be the chairman of the Chamber of Commerce. Liu Tianqiu's wish came true, and he was so happy to be mentioned.

Rou'er congratulates Liu Tianqiu on being the president, and persuades him to leave the Liao family. Liu Tianqiu still has a big revenge and wants to stay in the Liao family. He also wants to carry forward the carving skills of the Sun family. Rou'er believes that he can do it. Xiuju stays up late sewing new clothes for Liao Xi, Liao Xi advises her to go to bed early, Xiuju wants to do it well.

Liu Tianqiu sent Master Qin to collect high-quality carvings, and Master Qin revealed to him that Zhang Zinan and Liao Yihui were very close. Liu Tianqiu gave Liao Jingshan's favorite work during his lifetime to Zhang Xinian, and Zhang Xinian couldn't put it down. Shen Wan's personal maid, Yu'er, turned a blind eye to Liu Tianqiu, and Liu Tianqiu was so angry that he gritted his teeth.

Xiuju didn't like the people in the government. She heard that Zhang Zinan sent Liao Yihui home and reminded Liao Yihui to keep a distance from Zhang Zinan. Liao Yihui thought that Zhang Zinan was very nice. Ba Ye asked Liu Tianqiu to meet and asked him to use his status as the president to sell cigarettes. Liu Tianqiu was worried that the matter would be revealed and his life would be in danger, but he couldn't stand Ba Ye's soft-heartedness, so he was finally tempted.

Liu Tianqiu excused that there was not enough money in the account, and wanted to dismiss the servants in the mansion. He specifically proposed to drive Xiaoyu away, but Shen Wan firmly refused. Liu Tianqiu took the opportunity to threaten Yu'er, and Shen Wan called Liao Hui to understand The situation at home, Liao Hui repeatedly promised that it would get better and better, and promised to go to Ye's house to propose marriage tomorrow. Liao Hui came to Ye's house early in the morning with a generous gift, but Ye Zhiqiu firmly refused to agree. Ye Jinyu would not marry Liao Hui, and Liao Hui promised to give Ye Jinyu the best pretense.

Ba Ye wrote a secret letter to ask Liu Tianqiu to come to the teahouse. He bought a large amount of tobacco and asked Liu Tianqiu to try to get the goods out. Liu Tianqiu wanted to put the tobacco in the furniture interlayer of Liuhetang. Mei Luodan came to Ye Zhiqiu to inquire about when the pier would be unblocked. Ye Zhiqiu and Liu Tianqiu conspired to wait until the longans were all rotten, and he excused not being able to open the pier because he had not received instructions from his superiors. Mei Luodan had to leave disappointed. Liu Tianqiu came to Ye Zhiqiu to discuss the opening of the pier, and Ye Zhiqiu promised to open it tomorrow.

Shen Wan heard that Liao Hui had pawned off the old objects left by Liao Jingshan, so she called him to be held accountable. Shen Wan complained that Liao Hui was not good at learning, and that the price of the carvings he made was not as high as Liao Xi's. Liao Hui studied it seriously. Shen Wan suspects that the treasure book Liao Xi gave him is fake, and Liao Hui firmly believes that Liao Xi is not that kind of person.

Liu Tianqiu falsely came to inform Mei Luodan that he could go to the pier to deliver goods tomorrow. Liao Xi came to find Liu Tianqiu to settle accounts and insisted that he was the inner ghost of the Liao family. Blocking the vent, suffering from lack of conclusive evidence, Liu Tianqiu revealed his identity as President Liu to challenge Liao Xi, and then left without looking back.

The more Liao Xi thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. He was worried for Liao Hui, worried that Liu Tianqiu would ruin the Liao family. Liao Xi came to look for Liao Hui overnight, Liao Hui sent Master Qin away, and Master Qin mostly eavesdropped outside the door. Liao Hui questioned that the rare book that Liao Xi gave him was wrong, and Liao Xi had to admit that there were two volumes of the rare book. The reason why he only gave Liao Hui one copy was because he didn't want Liao Hui to be in danger. Master Qin heard the conversation between Liao Hui and Liao Xi, and reported to Liu Tianqiu overnight. Liao Xi purposely said that the other rare book was in his hands, just to draw Liu Tianqiu's attention away from Liao Hui. Su Zhe was worried that Liu Tianqiu would kill Liao Xi, but Liao Xi didn't take it seriously.

Today was the day when the pier was reopened. Liu Tianqiu announced in public that private goods could not be brought in, and only precious goods could be transported. He privately asked the staff to put the smoke and soil among the furniture of Liuhetang and transport it onto the ship. Li Xia was interviewing at the pier. He felt that there was something wrong with the goods of Liuhetang, so he asked Liao Xi to remind Liao Hui.

Ba Ye sent someone to knock Li Xia and Liao Xi unconscious and put them on a small boat, and then put them in the warehouse Liu Tianqiu found. Seeing Li Xia and Liao Xi being arrested, Su Zhe hurried back to report to Mei Luodan. Ba Ye gave Liu Tianqiu a batch of high-quality tobacco soil. Liu Tianqiu was afraid of being investigated and planned to transport it away in two batches. Liu Tianqiu urged Ba Ye to dispose of Liao Xi as soon as possible.

Cai Guitou heard that Ba Ye had arrested Liao Xi, and reminded him not to act rashly, so as not to be held accountable by Granny Mei and Mei Luodan. Ba Ye wanted to use Liao Xi as a hostage to ask Granny Mei for more benefits. Cai Guitou felt it was inappropriate. Eighth Lord came up with another trick, let Cai Guitou marry Mei Luodan, and he would become the owner of the eighteen islands, Cai Guitou thought it was feasible. Eighth Master sent someone to invite Mei Luodan, and Mei Luodan went to the island with them, and Dao Scar sent someone back to report to Granny Mei.


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