Liao Xi was carving squirrel ornaments in the yard. An old man who was busy with travel and dust came to the house to beg for water. He asked for advice, and the old man gave him some advice and asked him to follow the trend. Liao Ximao suddenly realized, thanked the old man again and again, and tried hard to keep the old man for more advice, but the old man left without looking back, and left a word before leaving, Said to meet again by fate.

Two officers and soldiers came to the door to demand the protection fee of ten oceans, but Mei Luodan beat them away with three punches and two kicks. Liao Xi finally finished the squirrel decoration, Liao Yihui liked it very much, so Liao Xi gave her the squirrel. Shopkeeper Wu and Liuhetang did several business transactions, and every time Liu Tianqiu came forward to settle the accounts. Shopkeeper Wu felt that the accounts were wrong and suspected that Liu Tianqiu had embezzled them. He asked Liao Xi to remind Liao Hui.

Liu Tianqiu signed a lot of orders for Liuhetang. Liao Hui was very busy every day. Shen Wan asked someone to bring the account book and found that the money in the account was much less. He called Master Qin to understand the situation. After entering a batch of wood, Liu Tianqiu saw that Shen Wan called Master Qin, and invited him to drink wine in the brothel that night. He also chose a girl Bai Lian to accompany Master Qin.

When Liu Tianqiu learned that Master Qin had a crush on Bai Lian, he ransom Bai Lian that day. Master Qin was so grateful to him that he vowed to repay him like a cow and a horse. Liao Yihui went to the hospital as a nurse despite her parents' opposition, and accidentally hurt a male patient while changing his dressing. will get better and better.

Liao Hui and Ye Jinyu reconnected, and they began to fall in love. Liao Hui brought a bouquet of red roses to the hospital to pick up Ye Jinyu from get off work, and invited her to Chaoyang Tower for dinner. Ye Jinyu knitted a scarf for him, and Liao Hui liked it very much. Mei Luodan prepared a batch of exhibits to participate in the exhibition. Liao Xi sent Su Zhe to help. Mei Luodan also collected the villagers' dried longan and sold them at the exhibition. Liao Yihui and Ye Jinyu came to the exhibition to help.

Liao Yihui showed the squirrel carved by Liao Xi. Cheng Tian couldn't put it down and wanted to buy it on the spot. Other guests also took a fancy to the squirrel. Su Zhe went to auction on the spot, and Cheng Tian bid 200 yuan to buy the squirrel. Cheng Tian wanted to see Liao Xi, so Su Zhe took him home. Cheng Tian was very interested in Xinghua woodcarving, and Liao Xi briefly introduced the history of Xinghua woodcarving to him.

Seeing that Xingshengyuan's sales are rising steadily, and it has also received large orders from foreigners, Liu Tianqiu is worried that Liuhetang will lose. He begged Ye Zhiqiu to suppress Mei Luodan's momentum, and gave Zhang Xinian two gold bars. Ye Zhiqiu ten oceans. Ye Zhiqiu blocked the pier in the name of preventing pirates, and no ships except official ships could enter or leave. Mei Luodan suspected that someone was playing tricks, but because there was no conclusive evidence, she was worried that the goods ordered by foreigners would not go out.

Liao Xi came to Wushuntang Antique Store to investigate and visit, and learned that Liuhetang's works could not be sold at all. He asked the shop owner to take out the Liuhetang carvings that were backlogged in the warehouse. Liao Xi's workmanship and materials were not the workmanship of the Liao family. . The more Boss Hua thought about it, the more he felt something was wrong. He personally came to report to Liao Xi. Liao Hui had pawned Liao Jingshan's sculpture, and Liu Tianqiu would immediately redeem it. Liao Xi was also puzzled.

Liao Xi called Liao Hui out and advised him not to smash the signboard of Liuhetang, but Liao Hui didn't listen at all, and he was not allowed to meddle in the affairs of Liuhetang. Master Feng reported to Liao Xi the financial difficulties encountered by Liuhetang. Thanks to Master Qin's own money and a batch of wood, Liu Tianqiu gave Master Qin a woman, and Master Qin was so determined to help Liu Tianqiu.

Liu Tianqiu received a large number of orders and vowed to do his best to help Liao Hui. Liao Hui was very grateful to him. Cheng Tian brought Boss Qian, a merchant from Nanyang, to Liao Xi to place an order. He wanted to order 50 sculptures of flowers, birds, fish and insects, and each piece was priced at 50 yuan. Liao Xi was worried that he would not be able to finish it. Open the market and leave a deposit for Liao Xi.

Liu Tianqiu learned that Liao Xi had taken a big order, and was worried that Liuhetang would be defeated, so he came to Ye Zhiqiu for help. Shen Wan asks Matchmaker Li to introduce Liao Hui to the daughter of the pawn shop keeper. Liao Hui lied that the girl has an amazing appetite. Shen Wan sees that he has a sweetheart, and asks who the girl is. Liao replied that he should talk about it later.

Zhang Zinan received a report letter from Liu Tianqiu for forging a fake order, and Ye Zhiqiu tried his best to speak well for Liu Tianqiu. After the fair ended, Ye Zhiqiu announced the order amount of each company, and Xingshengyuan was far ahead. Ye Zhiqiu wanted to re-examine the candidate for the chairman on the pretext that Xingshengyuan's payment for the goods did not arrive within the three-day deadline.


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