Shen Wan thought of the sad Liao Jingshan who died, and she sat alone in the room crying secretly. Liao came back to see her and greeted her with care. Liao Hui was afraid that Liao Xi and Mei Luodan would set up a business against Liuhetang. Shen Wan was not worried about this, but reminded Liao Be careful and beware of Liu Tianqiu.

Most of the villagers in Jiuli Lake rely on planting longan for their livelihood, but the government even came forward to control the planting and sales of longan. The villagers worked for nothing for a year but could not earn any money. They had no money to buy food to feed themselves. Everyone complained. Discuss to solve problems for the villagers.

Xiuju took good care of her, and Liao Xi worked overtime every day to practice carving, and his skills gradually recovered. Liao Xi was very grateful to Xiuju. Xiuju was worried that Mei Luodan would take Liao Xi away, and wanted to give birth to a son for Liao Xi. The craftsmanship of the Liao family was passed on, and Liao Xi tried her best to comfort her, promising not to marry Mei Luodan, so Xiuju felt relieved.

The recent rampant pirate activities have caused the cargo ships to fail to operate normally. The government uses official ships to transport goods, and the officers and soldiers have to increase taxes on the villagers who grow longan, otherwise they will not be able to ship the longan out. Li Xia came to the pier to take pictures of this scene. He called on the villagers to fight against the government, and the officers and soldiers had no choice but to go back and report to Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu gritted his teeth in anger, Liu Tianqiu advised him, and Ye Zhiqiu asked Liu Tianqiu to handle the matter.

The Liao family’s business was bleak, and they often couldn’t make ends meet. They couldn’t even make enough money to buy wood. Liao Hui had no choice but to take the wood carvings left by Liao Jingshan to a pawn shop. The pawn shop only accepted gold and silver jewelry. Boss Hua couldn’t put it down. Give him a hundred dollars on the spot. As soon as Liao Hui left, Liu Tianqiu came to the pawn shop to redeem the wood carvings.

The villagers saw that the dried longan could not be sold, so they had to go to Liao Xi for help, but Liao Xi was helpless, so he went to Mei Luodan for help, and Mei Luodan agreed to go back to his mother to discuss it. That night, Mei Luodan returned to Caidao and asked Dao Scar if the brothers had recently robbed the merchant ship Fengjin.

Liao Xi and Su Zhe went to the village to investigate and visit, and accidentally saw the villagers selling their daughter, Xiaoya. Liao Xi offered 30 yuan to drive the buyer away on the spot, and gave 30 yuan to the mother and child. Mei Luodan came to Granny Mei to find out about the robbing of the merchant ship Fengjin, but Granny Mei knew nothing about it, and Ba Ye denied that he had robbed the merchant ship. Mei Luodan saw at a glance that he was lying, and vowed to investigate thoroughly.

Liao came back to ask Master Feng to repair the engraving tools. Master Feng refused on the pretext of being old. Liao Hui asked him about Liuhe Treasure Book. Liao Xi taught Su Zhe how to carve. Su Zhe was eager for success, but couldn't find the essentials. Liao Xi asked him to carve dolls on the egg. Su Zhe accidentally broke the egg. Liao Xi asked him to take the egg white and egg white. Come out, and then carve on the eggshell, Su Zhe woke up like a dream.

Liu Tianqiu wanted to be the president of the Chamber of Commerce, so he asked Ba Ye to hand over the Fengjin merchant ship to him. Ba Ye was very embarrassed, Liu Tianqiu gave him a large sum of money as a reward, and Ba Ye revealed that Mei Luodan was the daughter of Grandma Mei, the head of the family. Liu Tianqiu returned to the merchant ship Fengjin smoothly, and distributed the goods to various merchants one by one. Ye Zhiqiu publicly announced Liu Tianqiu as the president of the chamber of commerce. Mei Luodan publicly questioned Liu Tianqiu's use of improper means to return the merchant ship. The merchants also opposed Liu Tianqiu's leadership. Ye Zhiqiu had to make concessions. The government came forward to hold an exhibition to allow merchants to compete fairly and decide the chairman according to sales volume.

The villagers of Jiuli Lake had a bumper harvest of longan. Because the government squeezed the longan and couldn’t sell it, the villagers had to dry the longan and sell it. The eldest brother wanted to dry the longan in the yard and urged Xiuju’s family to move out of his house. Mei Luodan Knowing that a large number of longan is unsalable, he agreed to sell the longan.

Liu Tianqiu revealed Mei Luodan's identity to Ye Zhiqiu, and Ye Zhiqiu promised that he would never let the pirate's daughter become the president, so Liu Tianqiu was relieved. Li Xia reported in the newspaper that the government exploited the villager’s longan that was unsalable. Seeing the news in the newspaper, the county magistrate of Xinghua cast all his anger on Ye Zhiqiu. Ye Zhiqiu went to Li Xia to argue and threatened him. Li Xia didn't show weakness, and threatened Zhang Zinan, the young marshal, so Ye Zhiqiu had no choice but to leave angrily.

Liu Tianqiu took a big order. Liao Hui knew little about the technique of double-transparent carving, and was worried that he would not be able to complete the order. Liu Tianqiu asked him to see if there was any record in the Liuhe Zhenpu. Liu Tianqiu offered to study the rare spectrum of Liuhe together with him, but Liao Hui flatly refused. Liu Tianqiu saw that Liao Hui was always on guard against him, and decided to speed up his revenge plan.


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