Zhang Xinian loves woodcarving very much, he is full of praise for Liao Xi's craftsmanship, and wants him to serve the country, but Liao Xi politely declines, Zhang Xinian gives him a sum of money, but Liao Xi firmly refuses to accept it, and asks him to donate it to the people's livelihood. Zhang Xinian and Liao Xi bid farewell and left. Liao Yihui went back to the house to get the military coat for Zhang Zinan. When she went out, she saw that he was already in the car and was about to leave. Liao Yihui had to take the military coat back.

Ye Zhiqiu asked Liu Tianqiu to recommend a president of the Chamber of Commerce, Liu Tianqiu recommended himself, and promised to find a way to make money for him, and the two hit it off. Liao Xi insisted on rehabilitation training every day, Xiuju practiced with him, Mei Luodan sewed a sandbag for Liao Xi to practice, Liao Xi picked it up accurately. Liu Tianqiu hypocritically asked Liao Hui to run for the chairman of the chamber of commerce. Liao Hui was not interested and asked him to try. Liao Hui felt that if Liao Xi wanted to run for the election, Liu Tianqiu would have no hope. Liu Tianqiu felt aggrieved.

Liao Xi's hands gradually recovered, and he formally accepted Su Zhe as his apprentice, and taught him the carving techniques of immortal works. Su Zhe was very serious. Liu Tianqiu wanted to get rid of Liao Xi to avoid future troubles, so he came to Ba Ye for help, and Ba Ye reached an agreement with him. Mei Luodan opened a new Xingshengyuan store, which is about to open the day after tomorrow. Mei Luodan invited Liao Xi to attend the opening ceremony.

In the middle of the night, Ba Ye led people into Liao Xi's residence. Mei Luodan heard movement outside, and quietly came out to fight with them. They surrounded Mei Luodan, and Mei Luodan beat them all away with three punches and two kicks. Liao Xi, Liao Yihui, Da Furen and Xiuju came out after hearing the news and asked Mei Luodan to report to the officials. Mei Luodan didn't want to cause trouble, and lied that he didn't know those people. Mei Luodan saw that the eighth master came for Liao Xi, and reminded him Be careful everywhere.

Liu Tianqiu accused Ba Ye of being unfavorable in his work and forced him to assassinate Liao Xi again, otherwise he would tear up the contract. Liuhetang's business was bleak, and Liao Hui had no choice but to borrow money everywhere. The grand opening of Xingshengyuan Company in Xinghua, Mei Luodan gave out red envelopes to the customers who came to join him, and Mei Luodan publicly announced that Liao Xi was the second boss, and promised to provide everyone with high-quality wood at a preferential price.

Boss Qian came to Mei Luodan to order a wooden chair, and Mei Luodan readily agreed and gave him a 10% discount. Sun Huaitang, the treasurer of Zhenxiutang, brings people to make trouble, and speaks bad words to Mei Luodan, questioning her as a woman who can't do business, let alone wood and carving skills. At the end of the day, Boss Qian hurriedly reconciled, Sun Huaitang wanted to gamble with Mei Luodan, and make a wooden chair for a test within ten days, if Mei Luodan's skills are not as good as others, leave here immediately.

Su Zhe told Liao Xi what Sun Huaitang had done, and Liao Xi asked Su Zhe to work on the details. Liao Yihui came to discuss with her parents about studying medicine, but they all disagreed, and advised Liao Yihui to start a family early. Liao Yihui wanted to study medicine wholeheartedly. Sun Huaitang brought the wooden chair he made to Xingshengyuan on time, and Mei Luodan also took out the wooden chair made by Su Zhe. Boss Qian and others raised their hands to vote on the spot. Mei Luodan's wooden chair was slightly better, and Sun Huaitang was convinced. Orally, Mei Luodan not only refused to allow Sun Huaitang to honor the bet, but also proposed that Xingshengyuan and Zhen Xiutang cooperate sincerely, which Sun Huaitang naturally wished for.

Cheng Tian and Boss Qian came to Mei Luodan to order a batch of chairs, and brought samples. Liao Xi recognized at a glance that it was a square wooden official hat chair with very poor workmanship, and pointed out the defects of this chair one by one. Liao Xi saw that Cheng Tian was not sincere in doing business, and Mei Luodan sent them away with a few words. Liuhetang's accounts were too short and there were several accounts that could not be matched. Liao Hui went to the accountant to reconcile the accounts. Liu Tianqiu used the excuse that those accounts were Liuhetang's regular customers, and Liao Hui was very dissatisfied.

The Xinghua Chamber of Commerce was officially established. Ye Zhiqiu held a general meeting and charged each family one yuan a month as a membership fee. Ye Zhiqiu recommended Liu Tianqiu as the chairman of the chamber of commerce. One stood up to object, and several merchants' goods were robbed by pirates. The shopkeepers strongly urged the chamber of commerce to send someone to help everyone find the pirates and get the goods back, so they elected that person to be the president. Ye Zhiqiu had no choice but to agree to find someone to try.

After the meeting, Liu Tianqiu reminded Mei Luodan not to target Liuhetang everywhere, and Liao Hui was very dissatisfied with Mei Luodan. Liu Tianqiu insisted that Mei Luodan came for Liao Hui, but Liao Hui felt that Mei Luodan had a problem with Liu Tianqiu. Liu Tianqiu took the opportunity to tell lies, claiming that Liao Xi would help Mei Luodan deal with Liuhetang, Liao Hui was very disturbed.

Mei Luodan told Liao Xi about Liu Tianqiu's election for the chairman, and Liao Xi was also worried that Ye Zhiqiu and Liu Tianqiu would be in trouble.


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