When Liu Tianqiu saw the news that Liao Xi had won the award, he was not convinced, so he used Sun's carving method to make ornaments, trying to surpass Liao Xi in one fell swoop. Rou'er advised him not to rush for success, but Liu Tianqiu didn't listen at all.

Su Zhe congratulated Liao Xi for winning the award. Liao Xi didn't want to mention the glory of the past, and he didn't allow his family members to talk about it again. Liao Yihui felt very uncomfortable, and hoped that Liao Xi would heal his hands as soon as possible and cheer up as soon as possible. Liao Yihui came to Mei Luodan for help , begged Mei Luodan to help Liao Xi treat his hand injury, and asked her to go to the eldest lady to help persuade Liao Xi.

Mei Luodan came to find the eldest lady. The eldest lady didn't want Liao Xi to be hit again. Mei Luodan vowed to find the best doctor in the country to treat him. The eldest lady was deeply moved and agreed to persuade Liao Xi. Liao Xi agreed to follow Mei Luodan to see the hands, Xiuju told Mei Luodan the news, Mei Luodan was very happy.

Xiuju got up early in the morning to cook and found that there was no rice at home, so she had to come to her elder brother's house to borrow rice, but her sister-in-law excused that she had no food left, so Xiuju had to leave disappointed. Mei Luodan rented a house with a lot of money, and handed over the deed to Xiuju, who was very grateful to her. Mei Luodan rushed back to Caidao to transport food, and Ye Zhiqiu brought a Japanese doctor Jiro Kimura to treat Liao Xi's injuries. The lady hated Ye Zhiqiu so much that she picked up a broom and chased him, Xiuju hurriedly stopped the lady.

Liao Xi rushed to hear the news, he spoke sarcastically to Ye Zhiqiu, Li Xia came later, and sneered at Ye Zhiqiu, Ye Zhiqiu claimed to be a Xinghua political and business official, he gave Liao Xi a bonus and a pennant, and he wanted to treat Liao Xi's injuries, Xiuju persuaded Liao Xi to receive treatment , Liao Xi learned that the doctor was Japanese, he immediately flew into a rage, and resolutely refused to let the Japanese treat him. The Japanese army caused a tragic tragedy in Xinghua. drive away.

The local villagers came to deliver food to Liao Xi when they learned that Liao Xi’s family was out of food, but Liao Xi had no choice but to accept it. Dr. Europa brought in a doctor who specializes in treating trauma. Europa carefully examined Liao Xi's hand. He was able to heal Liao Xi's hand, but it took too long and required complicated operations and long recuperation. Europa promised to make Liao Xi's hand heal. Xi regained 80% of her functions, and Liao Xi couldn't wait for the operation.

Europa took Liao Xi to St. Luke's Hospital for an operation. The operation was successful. Xiuju, Su Zhe, Mei Luodan and Liao Yihui were all very happy. Liu Tianqiu thought that Liao Hui had revealed about Liao Xi's surgery. Liao Hui was very happy and couldn't wait to visit Liao Xi in the hospital. Liao Yihui wanted to study medicine, but Xiuju and Liao Xi disagreed, so Liao Yihui got angry and ignored them.

Ye Zhiqiu asked Liu Tianqiu to help him, and Liu Tianqiu agreed. Xiuju stayed by Liao Xi's side every step of the way, taking care of him in every possible way. Mei Luodan came to visit Liao Xi and saw their husband and wife loving each other at the door. Mei Luodan left quietly. Liao Hui took Liu Tianqiu to the hospital to visit Liao Xi, and accidentally recognized the bracelet on the nurse's wrist as a token he gave Jinyu when he was a child. Liao Hui was stunned, and Liu Tianqiu reminded him to see Liao Xi.

Liao Hui and Liu Tianqiu came to see Liao Xi in the ward. Mei Luodan spoke harshly to him. Liao Xi hurriedly dismissed Mei Luodan. Liu Tianqiu pretended to let Liao Xi return to Liuhetang. In Liuhetang, Liao Hui asked Liao Xi about the rare book, suspecting that there was more than one book of the book, and Liao Xi didn't know about it.

Liao Hui went out and saw Jinyu, and hurriedly called her to stop. Jinyu also recognized Liao Hui. The two hadn't seen each other for many years, and the excitement was beyond words. When the nurse came to call Jinyu, Liao Hui reluctantly left. Zhang Xinian visited Xinghua, and celebrities from all walks of life came to the welcome meeting. Zhang Xinian called on everyone to revitalize the economy and establish a chamber of commerce in Xinghua.

Liao Xi came home from injury, not to mention how happy he was. Liu Tianqiu was so worried about this matter that he vowed to kill Liao Xi. Zhang Xinian brought Zhang Zinan to Jiuli Lake to visit Liao Xi, and newspaper reporters followed up and reported on the incident. Zhang Xinian praised Liao Xi greatly, praising him as a pillar of the country, Liao Yihui came to Zhang Zinan after hearing the news, and the two confessed their hearts to each other.


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